About Us

Northern Virginia Boot Camp (NV Boot Camp) is an outdoor, early morning, full body, fun workout. This workout is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Boot Camp has a variety of exercises such as calisthenics, agility drills, running, kick boxing, plyometrics and total body workouts. Participants will use their body weight, resistance bands, jump ropes, and other portable equipment. A free diet plan and nutrition consultations are also available upon request.

NV Boot Camp was founded in 2007 by Lola Avazova, the owner and lead trainer. NV Boot Camp is a sister company of B-Fit Studios, a personal training company known for its dedication to the education of proper exercise techniques and healthy living. NV Boot Camp has been running successfully for five years because it uses the same techniques which are applied in the personal training experience but in a group setting for the Boot Camp. The Boot Camp incorporates a variety of different fitness activities such as strength training, cardio, circuit training, sports conditioning, and stretching to create a fun, fast and results oriented experience.